I'd like to give Special Thanks to the creators of the great Plugins / Scripts that were used in the building of this website.


prettyPhoto is a jQuery Lightbox clone that supports images, videos, flash, YouTube, iframes and ajax. The Plugin also includes (5) Themes.

Visit prettyPhoto Website


jQuery Cycle Plugin

The jQuery Cycle Plugin is a very versatile slideshow plugin that includes many different types of transition effects and options.

Visit jQuery Cycle Plugin Website


CSS Style Switcher

The site originally included a manual CSS Style Switcher created by WebFactory. However, I have removed this script in favor of a time based CSS style switcher.

I created a custom PHP script to automatically switch the style of the site based on a specific time of day (Day & Night).


Slide In Image Captions

The Slide In Image Captions used in the Portfolio section are based on a tutorial by CSS Tricks.

The original tutorial was written in HTML5 / CSS3, so I've modified the script to work in XHTML. The Slide In Image Captions only work in modern browsers (sorry, no fancy captions in older browsers such as IE8, IE7, etc)

Read Slide In Image Captions Tutorial at CSS Tricks