jQuery UI Custom Theming

Project Details

This is a Premium tutorial written for Nettuts+ that covers how to write custom CSS and create themes for jQuery UI widgets that match specific design styles.

The tutorial features many of the available jQuery UI ready-to-use widgets such as Accordion, Tabs and Buttons.

Extra demos are included in the tutorial source files zip to show different options and settings for jQuery UI Accordion, Tabs, Datepicker and Slider widgets.

You can download the source files from Tuts+ Premium once you subscribe for a monthly fee.

jQuery UI datepicker widget themed to match Nettuts+ freelance jobs board graphic Themed jQuery UI tabs and accordion widgets Themed button, datepicker, slider, progress bar, dialog, highlight and error

Web Design & Development

  • jQuery UI
  • CSS
  • Photoshop
  • jQuery
  • Tutorial